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About Us

Personalized Approach

Usk Valley Joinery are a new,rapidly growing family business built on quality and reputation. We have invested in a modular system to produce high quality products time after time and coupled with a joinery software package, this puts us in a position at the forefront of technology. We believe as a company in investing in our staff, producing quality, trained and skilled people for the future.


Excellence and Professionalism 

Our aim is to provide the complete package for our clients. Constantly looking to update and better our working practices, we are a forward thinking company currently working on projects for the future such as energy rated windows and passive house systems. The future is important to us at Usk Valley Joinery and are working towards better working practices

Insured and Guaranteed

All products produced by Usk Valley are CE marked and windows, frames and doors with glass are u-valued certificated.

Products coated with our paint system will give the end user up to 15 years of protection certificated and sustainable timber guaranteed for up to 50 years above ground

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